Vision & Mission


“Filipino Christian Communities actively participating in the life

of the Catholic Church in Sweden.”


  • To seek and to reach out to those who are not yet actively participating in the Church and to awaken their faith.

Enabling Objective (EO)

  • to identify target areas

–   to find contact persons and initial visit of the Parish priest and      meet/organize the Filipino Catholics.

  • To encourage and to provide venue for spiritual enrichment those who are already participating actively in the Church.

Enabling Objective (EO)

  • monthly visitation/mass/sacramental activities/counseling and other activities.
  • To provide avenues for social interactions and support among Filipinos and their families.

Enabling Objective (EO)

  • Annual General Assembly/Leaders Council Meeting/Other Activities
  • To provide mutual support to Filipinos in need.

Enabling Objective (EO)

  • to collect mutual funds.






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